Medals, Prizes and Certificates

The quality of the EMF-Bioshield® products has been acknowledged in several international exhibits and salons.

Since the EMF-Bioshield® products are manufactured in Switzerland by Swiss company S.E.I.C. sa (Société d'Exploitation Industrielle et Commerciale) in Geneva, it has therefore received permission to use the "Swiss Made" label to guarantee its authenticity.

In 2011, the 39th Geneva International Inventions Salon awarded S.E.I.C. the Gold Medal of its Scientific Jury for the invention described as "a protection element against the harmful impact caused by cell phones waves": EMF-Bioshield®/Tel.

In 2012, the 40th Geneva International Inventions Salon awarded S.E.I.C. the Gold Medal of its International Jury for the invention "Resonance Sphere EMF-Bioshield®/Wi-Fi, which protects health against electromagnetic pollution".

In 2011 as well, Jacques Surbeck, S.E.I.C, President and Director of Research, was awarded the Gold Medal of the 4th Middle East Inventions Fair, organized by the Kuwait Science Club under the patronage of Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, for presenting  the EMF-Bioshield® products line.

One of the most popular products in the EMF-Bioshield® line, the EMF-Bioshield®/Tel+ "chip" for cell phones, has been officially included in the master database of all Swiss pharmacies. As a result, all anyone interested in purchasing one needs to do to get one is to walk in or call any pharmacy in Switzerland and ask for item 7640134780022.



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